For 9 years, David Moore has been making high quality tea.

Working in the Tea industry has not been a one person decision, but a collective family effort for over a decade. Our journey into the world of Tea started with David’s Grandfather Irv, who operated a small company called Darjeeling Direct. They imported and sold two types of tea (Green & Black), from Darjeeling, India, and were in operation when David was in high school.

In 2010, Darjeeling Direct had closed, but David wanted to reopen it. From a little direction from his Grandfather, and after working with another tea company to learn the ropes for a year, it was decided instead that we would open a new company called, Satya Tea – Liquid Wisdom. Over the course of 6+ years Satya Tea created over 480 types of loose leaf tea, with customers reaching as far as Russia and Australia.

In 2015, David tried running a pop-up shop, in the North end of Halifax, it was called Tea North. The Tea North café only ran for 3 months (from October – December), and afterwards David made the decision that owning a retail shop was not a direction he wanted to go. So we went back to making loose leaf tea.

In 2016, one of Satya Tea’s wholesale customers asked if we could make a ready-to-drink tea beverage. We jumped at new & fun ideas, so we said yes, and Tea North was re-branded as a Bottled Iced Tea.

Tea North quickly became very popular and due to it’s simplicity over loose leaf tea, we decided to close Satya Tea and pursue Tea North full-time.

In mid-2017, with some help from the Propeller Brewing Company (Halifax, NS), we moved from plastic bottles to glass bottles, and started carbonating our tea.

In May 2018, we made the move to open our first dedicated facility for Tea North production, and moved away from glass bottles, and into aluminum cans.

Moving to cans have provided many new benefits, some of which are, better shelf life, full-colour labels, a slight reduction in cost, better environmental impact, but most importantly it allows us to ship and insure tea in small packages… thus we now have an online store and ship around the world!

2019 will bring some interesting changes to Tea North and our offerings. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a wild ride.


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